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June 14th, 2007

We can do movies, right?

See, there's this great British Indy film called MirrorMask.  Virtually no one's heard of it since most theaters around the US decided it wasn't popular enough and it went straight to DVD. 

MirrorMask is a film by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, about a fifteen year old girl named Helena whose family owns a circus.  Helena, rather ironically, wants to run away from the circus and join real life.  Instead after her mother grows ill, she is transported to a magickal land filled with dark and white Queens, dangerous sphynxes, moving books, and people who only wear masks.  She searchs through this land with Valentine, her masked friend, to find the MirrorMask in order to go home.

It's a lot like Through the Looking Glass, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story and Legend all rolled up in one.  There's a distinct shortage of fics though, so I created a community for MirrorMask fics.


Come and see us!


April 20th, 2006

The general premise is that Paul Atreides overthrew the Emperor years ago, and became the Emperor of everything, and also this huge mystical figurehead as foretold by Fremen culture. His planet is Arrakis, this desert planet where they manufacture spice, which is a drug necessary to space travel. Yeah, this is why I don't usually explain the central premise. Anyway, Children of Dune is all about his life, and the lives of his children, Ghanima and Leto Atreides. Who are psychic. And awesome.

I have written a summary and pimp post here - sorry to take you away from the comm to make you read it, but I got lazy!

The most important things to remember are that James McAvoy and Jessica Brooks look HOT and happy the entire time, and that they keep looking at each other inappropriately. My other reasons for watching are all in the post linked above.

I have no links for online fandom, because I dislike all of the Dune and Children of Dune online fandom, and also because a lot of it takes place on forums, which I'm not so good at.

March 5th, 2006

The general premise of Point Pleasant is easily summed up as Satan's daughter must choose between good and evil. Point Pleasant is a sleepy little town that holds the key to her destiny though she is unaware of her heritage. It's primarily a show about Christina's journey and the people who will influence her decision. The opening half of the series is fairly low-key (and in some ways, kind of lame), but the second half is a whirlwind of plot, characters, and storyline that is breathtakingly good. It's not necessarily Christina as much as it's Lucas Boyd, her father's right-hand man, that makes you want to know what happens next. What follows are very mild spoilers for the first two episodes that explain why this show fills me with glee.

Reasons to Watch:
The best reason to watch this show is unequivocally Boyd. The second best reason is the ever-changing relationship between Boyd and Christina because it's brilliantly executed from start to finish.

- The series is over so the canon is closed – it's also only 13 episodes
- Of the 13 episodes, only 5 or so are just all right – unfortunately, that's the first four and the bus episode – if you only want to see one episode to gauge your interest, you can't go wrong with episode 8, "Swimming With Boyd".
- However, once you hit episode 8, the rest of the show is brilliant and well-executed. It's also pretty epic in the scope of everything it covers.
- The ending of the show ties up most things very neatly and satisfactorily just in case they got cancelled (which they did)
- The twists and turns of the last few episodes are utterly amazing and make up for the super soapy aspect of the first four episodes.
- Christina's redemption story is fairly compelling though not as compelling as Boyd.
- Themes of the show: Good and evil. Love and hate. Friendship and family. Redemption and God. Religion and chaos. Parents and children. Mothers and daughters. Humanity. Heart. Destiny. Blood. Nature vs. nurture.

Great overview of the first two episodes and the charactersCollapse )

Photo Introduction – Image-heavyCollapse )

You can buy the series at Amazon.com - if you don't know if the money is worth it, there are always other means of getting a hold of it (like *cough* torrents *cough*).

Video Clips of Boyd:
Point Pleasant 101 – Ending scene with Boyd voiceover (YSI – 5 MB WMV)
Point Pleasant 102 – Boyd talks about Christina's future; Boyd teases Christina (YSI – 10 MB WMV)
Point Pleasant 102 – Boyd introduces himself to Christina (YSI – 9 MB WMV)

The fandom doesn't really exist per se, but here's like five fandom things.
Point Pleasant screencaps episodes 1-8 by bentfire
The Goldilocks Zone by sinaddict - Christina/Boyd ficlet – spoilers for unaired episodes
TWoP recapped the first three episodes

February 19th, 2006

Foyle's War is a period mystery/detective drama set in Hastings, England during the second World War. I know, you're thinking, "Period drama? Murder mysteries? What's so great about that?" Well, my friend, EVERYTHING about it is great - especially the characters, whom you will fall in love with (and if you don't, well, then something is probably seriously wrong with you and you should probably, you know, get it checked out before it gets worse).

The show centers around Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher (DCS) Foyle (Michael Kitchen), a widower and father of one. As a veteran of World War I, he hopes to be transferred to the War Department where he can contribute more fully to the war effort. However his application keeps getting denied, so in the meantime he concentrates on his day job, which is solving all sorts of murders and mysteries that come his way.

He is assisted by Samantha "Sam" Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks), a bright and cheerful Vicar's daughter who transferred from the Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC) to work as his driver. In addition to Sam, Foyle relies on the help of Detective Sergeant Paul Milner (Anthony Howell), whom he knew before the war. Milner abandoned his career in the police force to enlist in the military at the start of WWII. However, he was forced to return home after losing a leg during a disastrous British military operation in Norway.

Another recurring character is Foyle's son, Andrew Foyle (Julian Ovenden), a handsome and gifted pilot with the Royal Air Force (RAF). After the death of his wife some eight years ago, Foyle has only grown closer to his charming, rascal of a son ;)

For the most part, the episodes are stand-alone, with each murder/mystery story contained solely within that episode. However, there are some running threads between episodes, most of which have to do with character development of the main cast members.

Now, onto the picspam!Collapse )
Anyway, I hope you give the show a try. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I first started it, and let's just say that I was pleasantly surprised x 100,000,000. The first three seasons are available for rent on DVD in most areas, and the first two episodes of the 4th season just aired recently in the UK in January (hopefully they'll reach the US sometime soon).

Other related sites you can look at are:
The Unofficial Foyle's War Site
Anthony Horowitz Messageboard
Visit Hastings Foyle's War Website
PBS Foyle's War Site

X-posted to my LJ. Caps by me.

February 10th, 2006

(I reserve the right to come and edit when I'm feeling less loopy from the plague and stuff. Caps stolen from here.)

Hex is an English series (airing on Sky One) set at a boarding school with lots of improbably coiffed pretty teenagers and their inappropriately behaved teachers (no, seriously, the English teacher tells the lead, Cassie, to buy her a drink some time, the art teacher is having an affair with one of his students, whom he mocks in class, and the principal CREEPS ME OUT with his innuendo) going about their lives in pretty pretty pretty surroundings. Seriously, the clothes, the sets, the characters? ALL PRETTY. The cinematography? Pretty. Special effects? Quite decent, but it's more thriller than action show.

for_filosofia pimped this with the description "it's kind of a wannabe-Buffy with the shamelessness of The OC or Desperate Housewives (only, without moms and dads and Chino)." So of course I had to watch.

Season one was a pretty straightforward Young Innocent Gets Witchy Powers, Is Seduced by Forces of Evil type thing, but in the second season the plot thickens and starts moving at an even more breakneck speed, and the focus shifts from Cassie to Ella, who is immortal and crazy and who alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness, and it's really Ella being torn between her higher calling and the forces of evil and the really really adorable Real Life, as represented by Leon.

Pretty people! Well, mostly people.Collapse )

Why this show is awesome, even though they don't develop their storylines for shit and both Cassie and Ella have a problem with being quite unlikable, really: it's quirkily pretty teenagers drinking and having sex (sometimes with teachers, or fallen angel guys) without any moralizing! There's the whole good versus evil thing, but good is sort of mean, and sometimes kind of insane, and evil is very pretty! Plus there are too many gleeful OMG WTF POLAR BEAR?!? moments to count. AND illicit affairs and magical pregnancies and lesbian ghost sex and Archangel Raphael is a vaguely and menacingly European cabbie! People have epic love affairs that take maybe ten minutes, and lose their souls to Satan and go crazy from St John's wort in even less. Basically it's like a soap opera on speed. And crack. And with supernatural elements. Also, Leon is OMGHE'SSOCUTE-pretty, Azazeal is EEEWSLEAZY-hot, and in season two, Mephistopheles looks and sounds like Alan Rickman, except better. Bottom line - it's just really really entertaining and FUN. And pretty. Yes.

Fannish resource things:
a gazillion caps here and here
Sky One homepage (jumbled and generally quite awful)
IMDb page
Communities: hex_icons and hex_fans seem to be fairly active.
Strange Thoughts - fansite
Hexxen - ditto

And, look, season one is only five episodes, and season two 13, and there are torrents available, so it's not like it's a huge investment time-wise. C'mon!
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