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Fandom Pimp: Point Pleasant

Fandom Pimp: Point Pleasant

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Max/Alec head-kiss
The general premise of Point Pleasant is easily summed up as Satan's daughter must choose between good and evil. Point Pleasant is a sleepy little town that holds the key to her destiny though she is unaware of her heritage. It's primarily a show about Christina's journey and the people who will influence her decision. The opening half of the series is fairly low-key (and in some ways, kind of lame), but the second half is a whirlwind of plot, characters, and storyline that is breathtakingly good. It's not necessarily Christina as much as it's Lucas Boyd, her father's right-hand man, that makes you want to know what happens next. What follows are very mild spoilers for the first two episodes that explain why this show fills me with glee.

Reasons to Watch:
The best reason to watch this show is unequivocally Boyd. The second best reason is the ever-changing relationship between Boyd and Christina because it's brilliantly executed from start to finish.

- The series is over so the canon is closed – it's also only 13 episodes
- Of the 13 episodes, only 5 or so are just all right – unfortunately, that's the first four and the bus episode – if you only want to see one episode to gauge your interest, you can't go wrong with episode 8, "Swimming With Boyd".
- However, once you hit episode 8, the rest of the show is brilliant and well-executed. It's also pretty epic in the scope of everything it covers.
- The ending of the show ties up most things very neatly and satisfactorily just in case they got cancelled (which they did)
- The twists and turns of the last few episodes are utterly amazing and make up for the super soapy aspect of the first four episodes.
- Christina's redemption story is fairly compelling though not as compelling as Boyd.
- Themes of the show: Good and evil. Love and hate. Friendship and family. Redemption and God. Religion and chaos. Parents and children. Mothers and daughters. Humanity. Heart. Destiny. Blood. Nature vs. nurture.

IMDB Summary: The peaceful existence the small seaside community of Point Pleasant, New Jersey changes forever when a young teenage girl, named Christina Nickson (Elisabeth Harnois), is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard Jesse Parker (Sam Page) and brought to the home of local doctor Ben Kramer (Richard Burgi). The Kramers, including Ben's wife Meg (Susan Walters) and daughter Judy (Aubrey Dollar), take an instant liking to Christina and invite her to stay with them as she searches for clues to her past and attempts to find her mother; a Point Pleasant native whom Christina never knew. Christina is unaware of the profound effect she has on the town's inhabitants; her presence awakens repressed feelings, unlocks secret desires and heightens emotions. Tensions flare between Jesse, who finds himself inexplicably drawn to Christina, and his best friend Terry (Brent Weber), who secretly lusts after Jesse's possessive girlfriend Paula (Cameron Richardson). Paula's devious, hot-to-trot mother Amber (Dina Meyer) attempts to rekindle her relationship with the good Dr. Kramer. Also, long-buried secrets kept by Jesse's parents, the domineering and hot-tempered police captain Logan (Alex Carter) and the God-fearing Sarah (Clare Carey), begin to surface, especially when the mysterious and charismatic Lucus Boyd (Grant Show) arrives and insinuates himself into Christina's new life.

Best Reason to Watch:

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Lucas Boyd (Satan's right hand man)
If there is one reason to watch Point Pleasant, it's all about Boyd. He's deliciously and unabashedly evil and pulls off the cheesiest lines better than anyone in the cast. Satan sends Boyd to "be an influence." He's overprotective of "his girl" in a vaguely dad-like way while still managing to have inappropriate chemistry with her. He threatens many people with bodily harm and ties people up when they get in his way. Boyd is very, very hot in all scenes.

The Kids:

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Christina Nickson (the Antichrist)
Raised to be a normal girl, Christina washes up on Point Pleasant's shore literally without any idea of her heritage. She's naively looking for more information on her dead mother and winds up living with the Kramers, a local family who just lost their daughter. She's very fluffy and sweet except when she loses control and makes bad things happen. Technically, she's the main character but she doesn't get interesting until later in the show when she's done playing Romeo and Juliet with the town's golden boy. Also, you'll probably spend most of the show rooting for her evilness to kick in.

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Jesse Parker (Golden Boy)
Jesse is Romeo to Christina's Juliet. He is pretty much the most boring character ever until the end. He is dating Paula, a Mischa Barton lookalike, when he saves Christina's life. Blah, blah, blah, weird dreams and memories, strangely connected, destinies entwined. He is the son of the church secretary and the local sheriff.

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Judy Kramer (the Surviving Daughter)
Judy is played by the very talented Aubrey Dollar. She's the snarky daughter of the town doctor and his crazy wife. She adopts Christina as a sister and gets some really great lines and moments. She's also hiding a secret like most of Point Pleasant.

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Paula Hargrove (Slutty Girlfriend)
Paula is even more boring than her boyfriend. She is obsessed with Jesse and trying to keep him away from Christina. Most of her time is spent with Terry, Jesse's best friend. Her mom is the town slut.

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Terry Burke (Morally Ambiguous Guy)
Terry is Jesse's best friend and he wants Paula desperately because "neither of them is good enough for Jesse". He is the most gray character in the whole series and slowly grows more awesome as the series goes by.

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Isabelle Kramer (the Dead Daughter)
For someone who is dead when the series starts, Isabelle plays a larger role in the final arc. Her big revelation is kind of lame and you see why Judy is the most awesome Kramer daughter. Christina takes her place in the Kramer household.

The Grown-ups:

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Lucas Boyd
Mmm. This is when he makes fun of Amber for trying to seduce him even though she's a hag.

Image hosting by Photobucket
He rocks the manipulative concerned dad-like expression.

Image hosting by Photobucket
He totally has nice arms here. His assistant is played by Adam Busch (that's Warren from Buffy).

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ben Kramer (the Doctor)
He wants to help his crazy wife get better so he invites Christina to stay because it seems to be helping. He almost sleeps with Paula's mom in the first couple of episodes but decides he wants to focus on his marriage. His secret is pretty huge and he's horribly blind to his family except for what he wants to see.

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Meg Kramer (the Crazy One)
She hasn't been herself since Isabelle died and she goes off her pills in the first episode in an effort to become normal again. No one listens to what she has to say, but she's firmly on Christina's side.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Amber Hargrove (Town Slut)
She's the most successful of the women and also the one who Boyd describes as the "fading prom queen" when she tries to seduce him. Basically, she just wants Ben back after she lost him in high school. She has a very dysfunctional relationship with Paula.

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Sarah Parker (the Churchgoer)
Sarah is "good" adult of the bunch, the one who goes to church and believes in God wholeheartedly. She made Jesse the center of her world when he was a boy. Boyd is obsessed with her because she isn't what she seems to be. Her secret could destroy her whole family.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Logan Parker (the Sheriff)
Logan is very jealous of any man who gets within a foot of Sarah. Sarah is his whole world yet he doesn't particularly care one way or the other about his son.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Father Tomas (the Pretty Priest)
The young Father Tomas believes Christina when no one else will. He sets out to guide her on the right path to God. At some point, his obsession with her takes an unhealthy turn.

You can buy the series at Amazon.com - if you don't know if the money is worth it, there are always other means of getting a hold of it (like *cough* torrents *cough*).

Video Clips of Boyd:
Point Pleasant 101 – Ending scene with Boyd voiceover (YSI – 5 MB WMV)
Point Pleasant 102 – Boyd talks about Christina's future; Boyd teases Christina (YSI – 10 MB WMV)
Point Pleasant 102 – Boyd introduces himself to Christina (YSI – 9 MB WMV)

The fandom doesn't really exist per se, but here's like five fandom things.
Point Pleasant screencaps episodes 1-8 by bentfire
The Goldilocks Zone by sinaddict - Christina/Boyd ficlet – spoilers for unaired episodes
TWoP recapped the first three episodes
  • OMG!

    I watched the episodes that they actually aired (which was, what, five? Six?) and thought it was hilariously bad. But Boyd was really hot, in an evil and cheesy way, and I really liked Judy. I will definitely *cough* find *cough* the rest of this now.

    May I suggest you look into Hex some time? The themes are sort of similar, but the handling is, er, different. I think, not having seen how PP develops.

    Excellent pimpage, thank you!
    • They actually aired 8 episodes, but they moved it around a lot and nobody watched past the first few (which I fully blame Fox for because they wanted a supernatural show that was an O.C. clone). Boyd is the best thing about the show, hands-down (and he has chemistry with everyone and everything). But yeah, you should totally find the rest of it - it improves like 500%.

      I actually have season 1 Hex waiting to be watched thanks to your fabulous pimping skills. Perhaps I shall watch it today even.
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