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fandom pimping: children of dune

fandom pimping: children of dune

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[dune] coat - sloanesomething
The general premise is that Paul Atreides overthrew the Emperor years ago, and became the Emperor of everything, and also this huge mystical figurehead as foretold by Fremen culture. His planet is Arrakis, this desert planet where they manufacture spice, which is a drug necessary to space travel. Yeah, this is why I don't usually explain the central premise. Anyway, Children of Dune is all about his life, and the lives of his children, Ghanima and Leto Atreides. Who are psychic. And awesome.

I have written a summary and pimp post here - sorry to take you away from the comm to make you read it, but I got lazy!

The most important things to remember are that James McAvoy and Jessica Brooks look HOT and happy the entire time, and that they keep looking at each other inappropriately. My other reasons for watching are all in the post linked above.

I have no links for online fandom, because I dislike all of the Dune and Children of Dune online fandom, and also because a lot of it takes place on forums, which I'm not so good at.
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