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Hex. It's a soap opera on speed. And crack.

Hex. It's a soap opera on speed. And crack.

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[tm] starry-eyed grace
(I reserve the right to come and edit when I'm feeling less loopy from the plague and stuff. Caps stolen from here.)

Hex is an English series (airing on Sky One) set at a boarding school with lots of improbably coiffed pretty teenagers and their inappropriately behaved teachers (no, seriously, the English teacher tells the lead, Cassie, to buy her a drink some time, the art teacher is having an affair with one of his students, whom he mocks in class, and the principal CREEPS ME OUT with his innuendo) going about their lives in pretty pretty pretty surroundings. Seriously, the clothes, the sets, the characters? ALL PRETTY. The cinematography? Pretty. Special effects? Quite decent, but it's more thriller than action show.

for_filosofia pimped this with the description "it's kind of a wannabe-Buffy with the shamelessness of The OC or Desperate Housewives (only, without moms and dads and Chino)." So of course I had to watch.

Season one was a pretty straightforward Young Innocent Gets Witchy Powers, Is Seduced by Forces of Evil type thing, but in the second season the plot thickens and starts moving at an even more breakneck speed, and the focus shifts from Cassie to Ella, who is immortal and crazy and who alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness, and it's really Ella being torn between her higher calling and the forces of evil and the really really adorable Real Life, as represented by Leon.

This is Cassie. Blah blah nice shy girl finds mystical urn, gets telekinetic powers and freaky visions blah, suddenly attracts attention of mysterious older guy. Angst and steamy doomed romance follows.

This is Azazeal. He's a fallen angel type creature. He wants in Cassie's pants. Yes, this is the type of show where Evil wears eyeliner and gets gothily lighted. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

This is Thelma. She's very very gay. And in love with Cassie. She's pretty entertaining. Too bad about the [spoiler for s1 opener] thing.

Roxanne is the resident bitch and a serial seductress of teachers. Leon starts out as kind of a dick but will be totally woobiefied. In the best of ways. I love him a lot. No, really. Like pie and cheesecake and pistachio fudge.


This is the creepy principal person. I like him.

Ella is 500 years old and an Anointed One. She wears leather corsets and raised collars a lot and is kind of crazy.

This is the bad guy for s2, who also wants in Ella's pants. I'm not telling you his name because it's sort of spoilery.

Leon is so cute.

Mephistopheles doesn't arrive until towards the end of season 2, but he's got such a sexily dry raspy voice it's totally worth the wait.

OK, now let's look at Leon again.

Why this show is awesome, even though they don't develop their storylines for shit and both Cassie and Ella have a problem with being quite unlikable, really: it's quirkily pretty teenagers drinking and having sex (sometimes with teachers, or fallen angel guys) without any moralizing! There's the whole good versus evil thing, but good is sort of mean, and sometimes kind of insane, and evil is very pretty! Plus there are too many gleeful OMG WTF POLAR BEAR?!? moments to count. AND illicit affairs and magical pregnancies and lesbian ghost sex and Archangel Raphael is a vaguely and menacingly European cabbie! People have epic love affairs that take maybe ten minutes, and lose their souls to Satan and go crazy from St John's wort in even less. Basically it's like a soap opera on speed. And crack. And with supernatural elements. Also, Leon is OMGHE'SSOCUTE-pretty, Azazeal is EEEWSLEAZY-hot, and in season two, Mephistopheles looks and sounds like Alan Rickman, except better. Bottom line - it's just really really entertaining and FUN. And pretty. Yes.

Fannish resource things:
a gazillion caps here and here
Sky One homepage (jumbled and generally quite awful)
IMDb page
Communities: hex_icons and hex_fans seem to be fairly active.
Strange Thoughts - fansite
Hexxen - ditto

And, look, season one is only five episodes, and season two 13, and there are torrents available, so it's not like it's a huge investment time-wise. C'mon!

    So true!

    That's some pipin' hot pimpage.
  • Okay, I totally have to watch this show now. And I'm kind of amused at myself that the selling point wasn't that Azazeal is hot (I'd totally let him seduce me to the dark side) or that Ella is hot (hell, I want in her pants, and I'm pretty straight).

    No, although both of these things help, the selling point for me is that they have a character named Mephistopheles. That is one of the bestest names ever! Seriously, I don't know why I love it so much, I just do. I don't care if he's good, evil, or undecided; his name is Mephistopheles, and I will love him for that alone.

    *Sigh* As if I didn't have enough to download with BSG and Veronica Mars.
    • His name is Mephistopheles AND he has what is possibly the sexiest voice ever. No, really.
  • omg I want to watch now.


      It is amazingly enjoyable in a weird "OK, this show is not really very good at all" way.
  • OH! Now I remember - I have seen a couple of eps. Fallen angels is so my thing, I am going to check this out. Thank you for the rec!
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