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Fandom Pimp: MirrorMask

Fandom Pimp: MirrorMask

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We can do movies, right?

See, there's this great British Indy film called MirrorMask.  Virtually no one's heard of it since most theaters around the US decided it wasn't popular enough and it went straight to DVD. 

MirrorMask is a film by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, about a fifteen year old girl named Helena whose family owns a circus.  Helena, rather ironically, wants to run away from the circus and join real life.  Instead after her mother grows ill, she is transported to a magickal land filled with dark and white Queens, dangerous sphynxes, moving books, and people who only wear masks.  She searchs through this land with Valentine, her masked friend, to find the MirrorMask in order to go home.

It's a lot like Through the Looking Glass, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story and Legend all rolled up in one.  There's a distinct shortage of fics though, so I created a community for MirrorMask fics.


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